1. 01 Feb, 2018 4 commits
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      Only include sysctl.h on FreeBSD in findif. · f638e53b
      David Johnson authored
      Some libcs might not include a sysctl interface (I'm looking at you,
      musl!); so only pull this in for the __FreeBSD__ case, which is the only
      place we use it anyway.
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      Add iperf-2.0.10 option for newer clientsides; only alpine linux for now. · c5cd6338
      David Johnson authored
      We've reached the point where it's no longer worth carrying around extra
      patch baggage to help iperf 2.0.2 build on newer libcs and compilers.
      One reason for that is, when iperf modernized to handle gcc6, they did
      it at the same time as a nontrivial reorganization.  So we cannot just
      trivially lift their bits, at all.
      Second problem: iperf uses a binary packet header.  Our patch used
      header bitspace that modern iperfs have since begun using for an
      extended header.  So, the 2.0.10 patch in this commit attempts to
      maintain binary compat with our hacked 2.0.2 iperf -- but throws out
      compat with modern, regular iperfs.
      Anyway, this commit just makes the iperf version choice optional, and
      it's only 2.0.10 on Alpine Linux; all other build envs will still try to
      build 2.0.2 (unless they are ISBRROKEN, of course).
      (I know Mike^H^H^H^Hsomeone plans to revisit whether or not our patch is
      still even necessary (my bet is that it is, after reading the code), but
      I need this commit to get the clientside going on Alpine Linux.)
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