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      Updated with the latest stuff. Lots of changes to state_transitions,... · 9b0f4cdd
      Mac Newbold authored
      Updated with the latest stuff. Lots of changes to state_transitions, mode_transitions, state_triggers, and state_timeouts.
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      Small fix for perl oddity. Note to self: Do not expect... · 49003a26
      Mac Newbold authored
      Small fix for perl oddity. Note to self: Do not expect $myhash{TB_CONSTANT_SUB} to work since it evals TB_CONSTANT_SUB as a string unless you force it to be an expression (ie with parens).
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      Merge the newstated branch with the main tree. · 5c961517
      Mac Newbold authored
      Changes to watch out for:
      - db calls that change boot info in nodes table are now calls to os_select
      - whenever you want to change a node's pxe boot info, or def or next boot
      osids or paths, use os_select.
      - when you need to wait for a node to reach some point in the boot process
      (like ISUP), check the state in the database using the lib calls
      - Proxydhcp now sends a BOOTING state for each node that it talks to.
      - OSs that don't send ISUP will have one generated for them by stated
      either when they ping (if they support ping) or immediately after they get
      to BOOTING.
      - States now have timeouts. Actions aren't currently carried out, but they
      will be soon. If you notice problems here, let me know... we're still
      tuning it. (Before all timeouts were set to "none" in the db)
      One temporary change:
      - While I make our new free node manager daemon (freed), all nodes are
      forced into reloading when they're nfreed and the calls to reset the os
      are disabled (that will move into freed).
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      Add a new script: tbresize · 0dd12dba
      Mac Newbold authored
      (installs into /usr/testbed/bin/tbresize but isn't avail. on ops yet)
      Usage: tbresize [-d] -a -e pid,eid -n num -t type [-p prefix]
             tbresize [-d] -r -e pid,eid <node> [<node> ...]
             tbresize -h
      Use -h to show this usage message.
      Use -d to enable extra debugging output.
      Use -a to add nodes to an experiment.
      Use -r to remove nodes from an experiment.
      Use -e pid,eid to specify the experiment to resize.
      Use -n to specify the number of nodes to add.
      Use -t to specify the type of the nodes to be added (pc, pc850, pc600,
      Use -p to specify a prefix for vnames (i.e. "node" => node0 .. nodeN).
      With -r, specify a list of one or more nodes to be removed (i.e. pcXX).
      Can even resize an expt down to no nodes then back up again. If it has
      one LAN/link in the expt, it adds the new nodes to it. If it has zero or
      more than one, it doesn't connect the new nodes to the topology.
      After finding and reserving (or before freeing) it fixes up the right
      places in the db and reruns snmpit, then reruns exports_setup and
      named_setup and reboots all the nodes that are now in the expt so they get
      updated configuration data.
      Even visualizes properly after being resized, the only catch is that the
      ns file is the original one, not one generated from the db.
      Use it, abuse it, have fun with it, and let me know what breaks.
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      The constructed valid block list was not properly terminated in the · 80c932d8
      Mike Hibler authored
      case where the end of the partition was allocated (instead of free).
      Added a little debug output.
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      Add a box to change the head of a project on the project approval · 39eb481b
      Robert Ricci authored
      'action' page. This will be used when a student applies to start
      a project - we'll have the professor, PI, etc. apply to join the
      project, then change the head UID when we approve it.
      Changing the head uid is repected when _any_ action is taken
      (postponing, more info requests, etc.) Any mail gets sent to the
      new head, and NOT the old head.
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