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      Web UI changes for reservations, for backend/RPC changes in 039f27b1: · 26f77c59
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Show current reservations on the admin extend page (if any) for the
         user who started the experiment.
      2. Add a reservation history page, to see historical reservations for a
      3. Changes to the reservation listing page.
      4. And then the main content of this commit is that for the pages above,
         show the experiment usage history for the project and the user who
         created the reservation. This takes the form of a time line of
         allocation changes so that we can graph node usage against the
         reservation bounds, to show graphically how well utilized the
         reservation is.
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      A lot of work on the RPC code, among other things. · 56f6d601
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      I spent a fair amount of improving error handling along the RPC path,
      as well making the code more consistent across the various files. Also
      be more consistent in how the web interface invokes the backend and gets
      errors back, specifically for errors that are generated when taking to a
      remote cluster.
      Add checks before every RPC to make sure the cluster is not disabled in
      the database. Also check that we can actually reach the cluster, and
      that the cluster is not offline (NoLogins()) before we try to do
      anything. I might have to relax this a bit, but in general it takes a
      couple of seconds to check, which is a small fraction of what most RPCs
      take. Return precise errors for clusters that are not available, to the
      web interface and show them to user.
      Use webtasks more consistently between the web interface and backend
      scripts. Watch specifically for scripts that exit abnormally (exit
      before setting the exitcode in the webtask) which always means an
      internal failure, do not show those to users.
      Show just those RPC errors that would make sense users, stop spewing
      script output to the user, send it just to tbops via the email that is
      already generated when a backend script fails fatally.
      But do not spew email for clusters that are not reachable or are
      offline. Ditto for several other cases that were generating mail to
      tbops instead of just showing the user a meaningful error message.
      Stop using ParRun for single site experiments; 99% of experiments.
      For create_instance, a new "async" mode that tells CreateSliver() to
      return before the first mapper run, which is typically very quickly.
      Then watch for errors or for the manifest with Resolve or for the slice
      to disappear. I expect this to be bounded and so we do not need to worry
      so much about timing this wait out (which is a problem on very big
      topologies). When we see the manifest, the RedeemTicket() part of the
      CreateSliver is done and now we are into the StartSliver() phase.
      For the StartSliver phase, watch for errors and show them to users,
      previously we mostly lost those errors and just sent the experiment into
      the failed state. I am still working on this.
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      Reservation system changes: · c7c93e9f
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Allow uuids to be used to specify reservations, change pretty much
         everything in the web interface to use uuid's so we stop exporting
         databases indexes to the client side.
      2. Change RPC path to return a blob of data when approving a
         reservation. Ditto for initial creation, so that we can see precisely
         what the local cluster has done.
      3. When a reservation is created/approved, insert an announcement in the
         announce system for that user, set to go off 24 hours ahead of
         reservation. Update that announcement when reservation is modified.
  17. 28 Jun, 2017 1 commit
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      New admin pages for experiment listing and project approval. · 18217eb3
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Get rid of the old myexperiments page and change all uses to the user
         dashboard or landing page.
         Replaced with admins only page for listing all experiments, pending
         extensions, locked down, expires, and older then 45 days.
      2. New page for approving projects using modern technology, as per Rob's
         request in issue #304.
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      Implement issue #284 (admin notes). · 8ab4519f
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      You can find and change the admin notes on the admin extension page,
      since is the page where we show lots of admin only stuff. Might need
      to rename this page at some point.
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      rspecs are so passe ... · 7c38809d
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Redo the rspectogenilib converter with the goal of supporting both
      translation *and* regression testing. A new library is responsible for
      taking the output of libXML and creating a data structure representing
      the rspec. While this is being done, we look for any constructs or
      attributes we cannot handle with geni-lib and report that as an error;
      we are not going to convert an rspec unless we can do it correctly. and
      Regression testing is done with another part of this library, that knows
      how to compare each element of two rspecs. Basically start at the root
      and compare all the way down, failing if the two "parses" of the XML are
      not equal at any level.
      rspectogenilib now has an option that does regression testing by running
      the new geni-lib and comparing the resulting rspec against the original.
      On the UI side, there is a new button on existing rspec based
      profiles (currently only for admin and studs) called "Convert to
      geni-lib" that runs the converter to convert the profile to geni-lib.
      The user does not have to accept the new script of course.
      However, a converted profile is marked in the database, and the user can
      still use Jacks on it, we just run rspectogenilib geni-lib again on the
      new rspec. If the user edits the geni-lib, we switch back to normal
      geni-lib (clear the flag) when the new version is saved, and Jacks is
      once again read-only. This is explained in the UI, and is one of the
      things people need to give comment on.
      There is also a mode on the Create Profile page for converting new rspec
      based profiles to geni-lib, but that is fully turned off for now, we can
      get to that later.
  23. 24 Mar, 2017 1 commit
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      Profile changes: · 33b569e8
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Finally, ajaxify the manage profile page. I never got around to doing
         this, and it made doing the thing I really wanted to do easier,
      2. Add a checkbox modal to ask the user if any accounts have been added,
         when doing initial clone of an experiment. We already did this with
         snapshot on the status page, but as above, it was going to be
         annoying to add to this page without reworking it.
      3. Improvements to repo-based profiles; when a push hook is executed, we
         were already updating the Repository Panel and the branch/tag list,
         but I wasn't updating the source code in the web page. Now we do that.
  24. 20 Mar, 2017 1 commit
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      Support for push webhooks for repo-based profiles: · 10e12b53
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      We are running another apache server on boss, on port 51369, which
      invokes a backend perl script that maps the URL path argument to the
      profile, and then calls out to manage_profile to pull from the
      repository and update the profile to reflect the new HEAD branch.
      Using mod_rewrite in the apache config to restrict URLs to exactly
      the one URL that is accepted, modulo the value of the secret token.
      I had to refactor a bunch of code in manage_profile to make it easier to
      add a new entrypoint for modification from a git repo. This needed to be
      done for a long time, I had never cleaned up the original profile
      creation code.
      On the edit profile web page, there is a new row in the Repository panel
      providing the Push URL, and an explanatory help modal.
      There is a new slow polling timer that looks for a change to the repo
      hash and causes the web page to update in place from the repo, as when a
      push hook is invoked and changes the repo.
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      Deal with issues described by Jon in issues #203. · 557f3504
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      The main point of the changes are to require that the old password is
      provided when changing your password. This holds true even for admins
      changing their own password in red-dot. Note though, that when an admin
      changes another user's password in red-dot, old password is not
      required, which is somewhat in conflict with the overall goal, but hey,
      we want to be practical too.
      I ended up removing password modification from the profile page, and
      use the already existing changepswd page, which I cleaned up and turned
      into a first class ajax citizen to make the page operate smoother.
  28. 05 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      Clean up and reorg a few things, add some help popovers and text. · 149e10da
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      The control flow is kinda confusing, cause of the desire to hold off on
      converting the geni-lib script (reducing the time we are updating from the
      origin repo in the first please wait modal). Not really happy with how it
      turned out.
      I also need to change the code that does the initial fetch of a new repo,
      and then a delete. The only reason for this is so we do not leave dangling
      repos on our file system if the user wanders away before submitting the
      form. Need a better way to deal with this, many options available, but
      probably need to do something soon since the overhead (second fetch) on
      larger repos will be annoying.
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      Two changes: · 5419a717
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Add a Reload icon on the Graphs tab, to reload the cluster data and
         redraw the graphs.
      2. Implement a Reload Topology function, with button on status page, to
         sync the portal topology with the clusters current manifests. Currently
         available to studly users only. This closes ticket #92.
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      Several sets of changes scattered across all these files. · 0f4a4dfb
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * More on issue #54; watch for openstack experiments and try to download
        the new openstack stats file via the fast XMLRPC path. Show this as a
        text blob in a new tab on the status page, still need to graph the data.
        The apt_daemon handles the periodic request for the data (every 10
        minutes), which we store in the apt_instances table.
      * Addition for Rob on the admin extend page; Add a "more info" button that
        sends the contents of the text box as an email message requesting more
        info and stores that in the ongoing interaction log. Responses from the
        user are not stored though, might look at that someday.
      * Another addition for Rob; on the extensions list page, also show expired,
        locked down experiments. Note the sorting; at the top of the list are
        actual extension request (status='ready') while the bottom of the list
        are status='expired'.
      * Add a "graphs" tab to the status page, which shows the same idle stats
        graphs that were added to the admin extend page. Most of this change is
        refactoring the code and sharing it between the two pages.