Commit d720bbd1 authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold

Fix counting of nodes... only include stuff in class 'pc', since remote and virt nodes don't count.

parent dfed66cd
......@@ -66,10 +66,18 @@ $r = mysql_fetch_array($q);
$swap_requests = $r["swap_requests"];
$last_swap_req = $r["lastreq"];
$q=DBQueryWarn("select count(*) as c from reserved as r
left join nodes as n on r.node_id=n.node_id
left join node_types as nt on n.type=nt.type
where nt.class='pc' and pid='$pid' and eid='$eid'");
if (!$confirmed) {
echo "<center><h2><br>
Experiment '$eid' in project '$pid' has been sent
$swap_requests swap request(s) since it went idle.\n";
Experiment '$eid' in project '$pid' has $c Emulab nodes reserved,
and has been sent $swap_requests swap request(s) since it went idle.\n";
if ($swap_requests > 0) {
echo "The most recent one was sent at $last_swap_req.\n";
......@@ -112,16 +120,11 @@ if (! TBProjLeader($pid, $projleader)) {
TBUserInfo($projleader, $projleader_name, $projleader_email);
$q=DBQueryWarn("select count(*) as c from reserved ".
"where pid='$pid' and eid='$eid'");
TBMAIL("$expleader_name <$expleader_email>",
"$pid/$eid: Please Swap or Terminate Experiment",
"Hi, this is an automated message from Emulab.Net.\n".
( $swap_requests > 0
? ("You have been sent ".($swap_requests+1)." messages since this ".
? ("You have been sent ".$swap_requests." other messages since this ".
"experiment became idle.\n")
: "") .
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