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# Copyright (c) 2000-2015 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
# Copyright (c) 2000-2015, 2018 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
......@@ -34,23 +34,12 @@ PAGEHEADER("Emulab Software Distributions");
<li> The latest version of the Emulab software can be
<a href="">downloaded via Git</a>.
<a href="">downloaded via Git</a>.
The Emulab GUI Client v0.2.<br>
<a href="/downloads/netlab-client.jar">(JAR</a>,
<a href="/downloads/netlab-client-0.2.tar.gz">source tarball</a>
<!-- <img src="/new.gif" alt="&lt;NEW&gt;"> -->).
This is the fancier of the GUI clients for creating and
interacting with experiments. The GUI provides an alternative to using
the web-based interface or logging into and using the
command line tools. Take a look at the
<a href="netlab/client.php3">tutorial</a>
for more information.
<li> The Frisbee disk loader.<br>
<li> The Frisbee disk loader;
We no longer support Frisbee as a separate distribution.
The Frisbee source is part of the Emulab source distribution and can
be found in the <code>clientside/os/frisbee.redux</code> subdirectory.
......@@ -69,7 +58,7 @@ PAGEHEADER("Emulab Software Distributions");
be able to build the Frisbee client and embed it in the bootable
distro of your choice.
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