Commit a21e4a2c authored by Christopher Alfeld's avatar Christopher Alfeld

New test for vtypes code.

parent 70396a70
Based on basic. Simple 6 node topology with 3 vtypes, one soft, one hard,
and one lightly weighted.
source tb_compat.tcl
set ns [new Simulator]
set node1 [$ns node]
set node2 [$ns node]
set node3 [$ns node]
set node4 [$ns node]
set node5 [$ns node]
set node6 [$ns node]
set lan1 [$ns make-lan "$node1 $node2 $node3" 100Mb 0ms]
set link1 [$ns duplex-link $node4 $node1 100Mb 50ms DropTail]
set link2 [$ns duplex-link $node4 $node3 10Mb 100ms DropTail]
set link3 [$ns duplex-link $node5 $node2 100Mb 0ms DropTail]
set link4 [$ns duplex-link $node6 $node5 100Mb 0ms DropTail]
tb-make-soft-vtype A {pc600 pc850}
tb-make-hard-vtype B {pc600 pc850}
tb-make-weighted-vtype C 0.1 {pc600 pc850}
tb-set-hardware $node1 B
tb-set-hardware $node2 B
tb-set-hardware $node3 A
tb-set-hardware $node4 A
tb-set-hardware $node5 C
tb-set-hardware $node6 C
$ns run
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