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Commit 8488ed3b authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Watch for a local experiment of the same name when the target cluster

is the local cluster. This closes issue #114.
parent 908818a3
......@@ -89,8 +89,10 @@ my $UPDATEGENIUSER= "$TB/sbin/protogeni/updategeniuser";
my $STITCHER = "$TB/gcf/src/";
my $OPENSSL = "/usr/bin/openssl";
my $MANAGEINSTANCE= "$TB/bin/manage_instance";
my $MANAGEDATASET = "$TB/bin/manage_dataset";
my $DEFAULT_URN = "urn:publicid:IDN+$OURDOMAIN+authority+cm";
my $GUEST_URN = "";
my $default_aggregate_urn = $DEFAULT_URN;
# un-taint path
......@@ -112,6 +114,7 @@ use APT_Instance;
use APT_Geni;
use APT_Dataset;
use APT_Aggregate;
use Experiment;
use User;
use Project;
use Group;
......@@ -638,9 +641,12 @@ my $SERVER_NAME = (exists($ENV{"SERVER_NAME"}) ? $ENV{"SERVER_NAME"} : "");
# Make sure slice is unique. Probably retry here at some point.
if (GeniSlice->Lookup($slice_hrn) || GeniSlice->Lookup($slice_urn)) {
if (GeniSlice->Lookup($slice_hrn) || GeniSlice->Lookup($slice_urn) ||
(grep {$_ eq $DEFAULT_URN} @aggregate_urns) &&
Experiment->Lookup($project->pid(), $userslice_id))) {
if (defined($userslice_id)) {
UserError("Slice name already in use, please use another. If you ".
UserError("Experiment name already in use, please use another. If you ".
"just terminated an experiment with this name, it takes a ".
"minute or two for the name to become available again.");
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