Commit 578c6759 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Minor fix for libaudit/fork, we were losing some email.

parent c60863af
......@@ -766,13 +766,24 @@ print STDERR "$rspecstr\n";
# Exit and let caller poll for status.
if (!$debug) {
# Need this in the child.
my $parent_lockname = "lock_$PID";
# Before the fork, lock the lock in the parent. It will be
# unlocked just before the parent exits, thus informing the
# child.
DBQueryWarn("select GET_LOCK('$parent_lockname', 5)");
my $child = fork();
if ($child) {
# Parent exits but avoid libaudit email.
# Let parent exit;
# XXX Need to let the parent finish up first so that the log file
# is properly sent, but the parent is is in the "defunct" state,
# so cannot use kill(0) to figure out it is gone.
DBQueryWarn("select GET_LOCK('$parent_lockname', 15)");
# All of the logging magic happens in here.
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