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__TWiki permissions explained__
	* The default permissions for Emulab user Wikis (this page) is
          that only *you* can access (read and write) your wiki (homepage).
	* If you want to allow a specific Wiki user to view (read)
          your homepage, edit this page (button in upper left) and add
          their TWiki.WikiName to the ALLOWTOPICVIEW variable above.
	* If you want to make your wiki homepage *world readable*, edit
	  this page and clear the ALLOWTOPICVIEW variable above.
	* We do not recommend that you allow world write to this page.
	* More details (then you could possibly want) can be found in the
          TWiki.TWikiAccessControl page.

*In most cases, you probably want to leave this page alone, and add*
*your TWiki.WikiTopics to specific project wikis.*