Commit d0be9ef9 authored by Martin Braun's avatar Martin Braun Committed by michael-west

images: Add N3xx CPLD file to manifest

This will allow uhd_images_downloader to pull the file. Also, it will
enable automatic updating for meta-ettus by referencing the manifest.
parent 77a54495
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ n3xx_n310_fpga_default fpga-494ae8bb n3xx/fpga-494ae8bb/n3xx_n31
n3xx_n300_fpga_default fpga-494ae8bb n3xx/fpga-494ae8bb/ 5082cfb49cb9cc56749d3b8a02e5bbef7252b77acb7b89902b24d6ad066d9b84
n3xx_n310_fpga_aurora fpga-494ae8bb n3xx/fpga-494ae8bb/ b0f7a86a6b2f0bf4816f1a0ecaca1dc3960e5962a1f809c202316c942fb1d3db
n3xx_n300_fpga_aurora fpga-494ae8bb n3xx/fpga-494ae8bb/ 3426d83d8fd33134ef9a09551cc3da8cf9a99ed91f2044071edfa3635255af7f
#n3xx_n310_cpld_default fpga-6bea23d n3xx/fpga-6bea23d/ 0
n3xx_n310_cpld_default fpga-6bea23d n3xx/fpga-6bea23d/ 0
# N3XX Mykonos firmware
#n3xx_n310_fw_default fpga-6bea23d n3xx/fpga-6bea23d/ 0
# N300-Series Filesystems, etc
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