Commit bdc23ef4 authored by Trung Tran's avatar Trung Tran Committed by michael-west

mpmd: add fpga_vesion_hash info

parent 06d1b2c8
......@@ -108,6 +108,8 @@ void mpmd_impl::init_property_tree(
.set(mb->device_info.get("mpm_version", "UNKNOWN"));
tree->create<std::string>(mb_path / "fpga_version")
.set(mb->device_info.get("fpga_version", "UNKNOWN"));
tree->create<std::string>(mb_path / "fpga_version_hash")
.set(mb->device_info.get("fpga_version_hash", "UNKNOWN"));
/*** Clocking *******************************************************/
tree->create<std::string>(mb_path / "clock_source/value")
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