Commit 6c2418b0 authored by Michael West's avatar Michael West

Revert "RFNoC: Remove incorrect flush"

This reverts commit c8e01d4b.

The commit introduced random phase offsets for TwinRX phase alignment.
parent e7acb056
......@@ -102,6 +102,25 @@ void source_block_ctrl_base::configure_flow_control_out(const bool enable_fc_out
% buf_size_bytes % unique_id()));
// Disable flow control entirely and let all upstream data flush out
// We need to do this every time the window is changed because
// a) We don't know what state the flow-control module was left in
// in the previous run (it should still be enabled)
// b) Changing the window size where data is buffered upstream may
// result in stale packets entering the stream.
sr_write(SR_FLOW_CTRL_EN, 0, block_port);
// Wait for data to flush out.
// In the FPGA we are guaranteed that all buffered packets are more-or-less
// consecutive. 1ms@200MHz = 200,000 cycles of "flush time". 200k cycles = 200k * 8
// bytes (64 bits) = 1.6MB of data that can be flushed. Typically in the FPGA we have
// buffering in the order of kilobytes so waiting for 1MB to flush is more than enough
// time.
// TODO: Enhancement. We should get feedback from the FPGA about when the
// source_flow_control
// module is done flushing.
// Enable source flow control module and conditionally enable byte based and/or packet
// count based flow control
const bool enable_byte_fc = (buf_size_bytes != 0);
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