1. 17 Dec, 2018 20 commits
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      python: tighten the scope of releasing the GIL · 8ff198d6
      Brent Stapleton authored
      Only release the GIL for the calls to send() and recv(), instead of the
      entire wrapper functions.
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      python: expose streamer timeouts · fcc0b0bd
      Brent Stapleton authored
      Expose optional timeouts on send, recv, and recv_async_msg. These
      timeouts do not apply to the setup in the wrapper functions, only the
      calls to the streamer functions.
    • Brent Stapleton's avatar
      n3xx: removing HA, XA image packages · aebbd4ce
      Brent Stapleton authored
      - Removing the Aurora image package from the images manifest. It was
      previously commented out, and hasn't been updated, so we're not
      actually losing anything here.
      - Moving the N310 and N300 _AA image to the _default image package
    • Martin Braun's avatar
      cmake: Update coding style to use lowercase commands · ea113acb
      Martin Braun authored
      Also updates our coding style file.
      Ancient CMake versions required upper-case commands.  Later command
      names became case-insensitive.  Now the preferred style is lower-case.
      Run the following shell code (with GNU compliant sed):
      cmake --help-command-list | grep -v "cmake version" | while read c; do
        echo 's/\b'"$(echo $c | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]')"'\(\s*\)(/'"$c"'\1(/g'
      done > convert.sed \
      && git ls-files -z -- bootstrap '*.cmake' '*.cmake.in' \
      '*CMakeLists.txt' | xargs -0 gsed -i -f convert.sed && rm convert.sed
      (Make sure the backslashes don't get mangled!)
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      python: Adding phase alignment example · e410e681
      Brent Stapleton authored
      This tool uses the Python API to determine if USRP devices are
      receiving a phase aligned signal. It is designed to be a stand-in
      replacement for usrp_phasealignment.py, although the capabilities and
      invocation are not identical.
      The return value of this tool will indicate whether the signal is
      sufficiently phase aligned, and allows integration into scripts or
      other test frameworks. This tool also includes options to save data to
      file or plot it using PyLab.
      Currently only supports 2 channel RX phase alignment.
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      mpm:e320: fixup gps_locked type · 70553d8f
      Trung Tran authored
      gps_locked should be a bool not int.
    • Trung Tran's avatar
      mpm:gpsd_iface: handle errors from gpsd · 41e5e748
      Trung Tran authored
      gpsd connection is not reliable.
      Adding more error handling to re-connect during polling.
      Add control flows to get_gps_time in order to give an effect of getting
      the value on pps edge.
    • Trung Tran's avatar
      mpmd: increase rpc timeout during reading mb sensor · ac311718
      Trung Tran authored
      Reading motherboard sensor, sometimes, takes more than 2 seconds.
      We don't have asynchronous RPC, increase this timeout will help
      long sensor reading such as reading GPSD value when GPSD connection
      is unreliable.
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      utils: Fix downloader return value for main() · fcae26a8
      Martin Braun authored
      This is effectively a refactoring: The main() function now returns True
      on success. This fixes a bug where one branch would simply return (None)
      instead of returning a value.
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      utils: Downloader stall on error for Windows users · 7ed68569
      Martin Braun authored
      If platform.system() is 'Windows', the Python script will stall on
      error before terminating, e.g., when an import is missing or when an
      unexpected Exception occurred during the execution.
      The rationale is that many Windows users run this script directly,
      without a shell, and wouldn't have a way to see error messages from the
      script in that case.
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      utils: uhd_images_downloader: Remove archive type · 044a30ed
      Martin Braun authored
      Since the uhd_images_downloader is so tightly integrated into our
      infrastructure, we've dropped support for .tar.gz and .tar.xz file for
      this particular purpose. Note that UHD releases still receive images in
      all three formats.
    • Martin Braun's avatar
      utils: uhd_images_downloader: Refactor the tool · 396f8888
      Martin Braun authored
      No functional changes. The main effort was to reduce the length of
      main() and reduce the number of Pylint warnings.
    • Martin Braun's avatar
      utils: Allow downloader to ship non-zip files · 8aef6d12
      Martin Braun authored
      Note: All archives shipped using this tool are zip files. However, this
      allows us to ship other types of files, which will be downloaded and
      sorted into the images directory as-is.
    • Martin Braun's avatar
      utils: uhd_images_downloader: Add download limit · f68d745e
      Martin Braun authored
      This download limit prevents users from accidentally downloading really
      large files. The default limit is 100 MiB. When a file is selected for
      download that exceeds this size, the user is prompted if she really
      wants to download that file.
      By specifying --yes (or -y), this can can be bypassed. Example:
          $ uhd_images_downloader --yes -t sdimg
      Will match all files that match 'sdimg', which are typically larger than
      100 MiB, without interaction.
    • Martin Braun's avatar
      utils: uhd_images_downloader: Add --yes option · e1f0fe3c
      Martin Braun authored
      This will answer 'yes' to all questions that are asked and allows to
      script the downloader. Example:
          $ uhd_images_downloader -t sdimg -y
      Any interaction that the script will have with the user will be skipped.
    • Martin Braun's avatar
      utils: add downloader printing fetchable URLs · 39cc1d8c
      Martin Braun authored
          $ uhd_images_downloader -l
      will now print the full URL of the target. By specifying
          $ uhd_images_downloader -l --url-only
      It will *only* print the URLs, nothing else, making this suitable for
      scripting. The list will always go to stdout, whereas the logging is
      going to stderr and thus can easily be siphoned off.
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    • Martin Braun's avatar
      coding guidelines: Add .at() vs [] comment · 07f18f96
      Martin Braun authored
    • Martin Braun's avatar
      rfnoc: Replace some [] with .at() in radio_ctrl_impl · 2aae8879
      Martin Braun authored
      This makes it easier to detect errors in derived classes that expect
      getters in radio_ctrl_impl to also do error checking.
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