1. 29 Oct, 2018 11 commits
  2. 25 Oct, 2018 8 commits
  3. 23 Oct, 2018 10 commits
  4. 08 Oct, 2018 3 commits
    • Ciro Nishiguchi's avatar
      uhd: Fix rounding in ddc/duc rate calculation · d1555232
      Ciro Nishiguchi authored
      The DDC and DUC convert the requested rate to an integer before
      selecting a decimated / interpolated rate. This causes the selection to
      select a lower rate than requested in some corner cases. The effect is
      more pronounced when the input rate of the DDC or the output rate of the
      DUC is very small.
    • Trung Tran's avatar
      mg: fixup set_rx_antenna · 94e8d1e6
      Trung Tran authored
      After going to 2 radios configuration (FPGA), the channnel value
      is passed into this set_rx_antenna now have value either 0 or 1.
      We want the mapping of {radio_channel:cpld_channel} = {0:CHAN1} or {1:CHAN2}.
    • Mark Meserve's avatar
      uhd: reconcile time_spec operators with boost concepts · 88af0f06
      Mark Meserve authored
      - Removes operator+ which was ambiguously defined in some cases
      - Adds additive concept for time_spec_t and double operators
      - Remove unnecessary ctime header
  5. 26 Sep, 2018 8 commits