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Document the login process for GENI users

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......@@ -59,17 +59,6 @@ servers that others may be accessing at the same time. Therefore, for
experiments whose @seclink["repeatable-research"]{repeatability} depends on
I/O performance, all data should be copied to local disk before use.
@section[#:tag "geni-users"]{Account Integration for GENI Users}
We are in the process of enabling accounts from the
@hyperlink[""]{GENI} facility and its federates to work
directly with @(tb). When this integration is complete, all users with accounts
at GENI identity providers (such as the
@hyperlink[""]{GENI Portal}) will be able to use those
accounts on @(tb) without the need to create a new account. This feature will
make use of the @hyperlink[""]{GENI trusted
signer} for authentication and authorization.
@section[#:tag "planned-easier-profiles"]{Easier From-Scratch Profile Creation}
Currently, there are two ways to create profiles in @(tb):
......@@ -62,7 +62,35 @@ trust on project leaders, including the ability to authorize others to use the
@(tb). We therefore require that project leaders be faculty, senior research
staff, or others who are relatively senior positions.
@section[#:tag "geni-users"]{GENI Users}
If you already have a @hyperlink[""]{GENI} account,
you may use it instead of creating a new CloudLab account. On the login
page, select the ``GENI User'' button. You will be taken to a page like
the one below to select where you normally log into your GENI account.
From here, you will be taken to the login page of your GENI federate; for
example, the login page for the @hyperlink[""]{GENI
portal} is shown below.
After you log in, you will asked to authorize the @(tb) portal to use
this account on your behalf. If your ceritifcate at your GENI aggregate
has a passphrase on it, you may be asked to enter that passphrase; if not,
(as is the case with the GENI portal) you will simply see an ``authorize''
button as below:
That's it! When you log in a second time, some of these steps may be
skipped, as your browser has them cached.
@section[#:tag "register"]{Register for an Account}
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