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Start skeleton of the tutorial for GEC22

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......@@ -55,4 +55,5 @@ Take a look at the @seclink["status-notes"]{status notes}, and then
#lang scribble/manual
@(require "defs.rkt")
@title[#:tag "cloudlab-tutorial" #:version apt-version]{CloudLab Basic Tutorial}
This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a small cloud on
@(tb) using OpenStack. Your copy of OpenStack will run on bare-methal machines
that are dedicated for your use for the duration of your experiment. You will
have complete administrative access to these machines, meaning that you have
full ability to customize and/or configure your installation of OpenStack.
In the process of taking this tutorial, you will learn to:
@item{Log in to @(tb)}
@item{Create your own cloud by using a pre-defined profile}
@item{Access resources in an experiment that you create}
@item{Use administrative access to customize your cloud}
@item{Optional: Create and share a simple profile of your own}
@section{Logging In}
@margin-note{This document assumes that you will log in using an existing
@seclink["geni-users"]{GENI account}. If you want to use a different
account, or need to apply for one, see the @seclink["users"]{Users
@section{Bringing up Your Own OpenStack}
@section{Basic OpenStack Use}
@section{Administering OpenStack}
@section{Terminating the Experiment}
@section{Advanced: Creating a Basic Profile}
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