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#lang scribble/manual
@(require racket/date)
@title[#:version "0.1" #:date (date->string (current-date))]{The Apt Manaul}
"Robert Ricci" "Leigh Stoller" "Jon Duerig" "Gary Wong" "Keith Downie"
@title{The Apt Manaul}
Apt is a testbed built around @italic{profiles}. A profile describes an
......@@ -9,8 +15,28 @@ realized on one of the Apt's clusters using virtual or physical machines. The
creator of a profile may put code, data, and other resources into it, and the
profile may consist of a single machine or may describe an entire network.
Apt is a platform for sharing research; it is open to all researchers,
educators, and students. Basic access to public profiles on Apt is provided
without the need to register for an account --- this keeps the barriers to
accessing research artifacts low. If you find the limited resources that are
provided to unregistered users valuable, you should sign up for a (free)
account to get access to more resources and to create profiles of your own.
Setting up the @bold{software} environment to run research artifacts is often
complicated, potentially requiring a specific version of an operating system,
dependencies on a large number of packages, and a complicated build and
configuration process for the research software.
Setting up the @bold{hardware} environment can be even more troublesome,
especially when one wants to reproduce published results, which may be highly
sensitive to the specific hardware they were gathered on. The problem becomes
complicated when more than one machine is needed to run the experiment.
Apt's profiles capture this by describing both the software needed to run an
experiment and the hardware (physical or virtual) that the software needs to
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