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......@@ -48,6 +48,10 @@ will need to install your code and data elsewhere in the image. We recommend
their own accounts, so make sure that nothing in your image makes assumptions
about the username, home directory, etc. of the user running it.
Be aware the only the contents of disk (not running process, etc.) are stored
as part of the profile, and as part of the creation process, your node(s) will
be rebooted in order to take consistent snapshots of the disk.
For the time being, this process only works for single-node profiles; we will
add support for multi-node profiles in the future.
......@@ -136,6 +140,22 @@ add support for multi-node profiles in the future.
@subsection{Sharing a Profile}
@margin-note{We are working on a versioning system for profiles, so in the
future, you will be able to update the profile and still link to specific
If you chose to make your profile publicly visible, it will show up in the main
``Select Profile'' list on @url[(apturl)]. Apt also gives you direct links to
your profiles so that you can share them with others, post them on your
website, publish them in papers, etc. The link can be found on the profile's
detail page, which is linked for your ``My Profiles'' page. If you chose to
make your profile accessable to anyone, the link will take the form
@code[(apturl "p/<project-id>/<profile-id>")]. If you didn't make the profile
public, the URL will have the form @code[(apturl "p/<UUID>")], where
@code{UUID} is a 128-bit number so that the URL is not guessable. You can still
share this URLs with anyone you want to have access to the profile---for
example, to give it to a collaborator to try out your work before publishing.
@subsection{Updating a profile}
@section{Creating a profile from scratch}
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