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Add basic text and screenshots for Jacks

This part really ought to be expanded, but this is a start.
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......@@ -186,6 +186,35 @@ your experiment expire. If something goes wrong, we do keep one previous image
file for each profile; currently, the only way to get access to this backup
is to @seclink["getting-help"]{contact us}.
@section[#:tag "jacks"]{Creating a profile with a GUI}
@(tb) embeds the Jacks GUI for simple creation of small profiles. Jacks can
be accesed by clicking the ``topology'' button on the profile creation or
editing page. Jacks is designed to be simple, and to ensure that the topolgies
drawn can be instantiated on the @seclink["hardware"]{hardware available}.
Thus, after making certain choices (such as picking an operating system image)
you may find that other choices (such as the node type) become limited.
Jacks has a ``pallette'' on the left side, giving the set of node types
(such as physical or virtual machines) that are available. Dragging a node
from this pallette onto the larger canvas area on the right adds it to
the topology. To create a link between nodes, move the mouse near the first
node, and a small black line will appear. Click and drag to the second node
to complete the link. To create a LAN (multi-endpoint link), create a link
between two nodes, then drag links from other nodes to the small grey box
that appears in the middle of the original link.
To edit the properties of a node or link, select it by clicking on its icon
on the canvas. The panel on the left side will be replace by a property
editor that will allow you to to set the @seclink["disk-images"]{disk image}
for the node, set commands to be run when the node boots, etc. To unselect
the current node or link, and return to the pallette on the left, simply
click a blank area of the canvas.
@section[#:tag "geni-lib"]{Describing a profile with python and @tt{geni-lib}}
@margin-note{This feature is currently in @bold{alpha testing} and may change
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