Commit a9639b68 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Remove Apt from the instructions

Revert this commit to get it back if we get the hardware problems sorted
parent 0e99348b
......@@ -175,13 +175,9 @@ information about how they work.
#:screenshot "tutorial/pick-cluster.png"]{
@(tb) has multiple clusters available to it. Some profiles can run
on any cluster, some can only run on specific ones due to specific hardware
constraints, etc. The profile we're using for this tutorial supports the
@seclink["apt-cluster"]{APT cluster}, which has traditional x86 servers, and the
CloudLab cluster}, which has ARM64 servers. @bold{If you are in the
in-person tutorial, please check your handout to see which cluster to
select---we have limited resources on both clusters, and this will
help balance load across them.} }
constraints, etc. Make sure that the @seclink["cloudlab-utah"]{Utah
CloudLab cluster} is selected.
@instructionstep["Click Create!"
#:screenshot "tutorial/click-create.png"]{
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