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@title[#:tag "status-notes" #:version apt-version]{@(tb) Status Notes}
CloudLab is currently open to early adopters, even though not all hardware
is available and not all features are implemented.
Our goal is to start getting community feedback early
and to get early adopters ready to go once the full-scale hardware rolls out.
CloudLab is currently open. Both the hardware and software are being
deployed in stages.
Our goal is to get community feedback all along to help guide further
deployments and development.
So, please keep in contact with us (see the @seclink["getting-help"]{"getting
help"} chapter), let us know what is (or isn't) working for you, and what
features you'd like to see in CloudLab.
There are several caveats that go with this early version:
There are a few things to note:
@item{It is running on a @bold{limited set of hardware}; see @url{@(apturl
@item{The hardware is being @bold{brought up in stages}; see @url{@(apturl
"hardware.php")} for a description of the eventual @(tb) hardware, and
@url{@(apturl "#availability")} for a schedule for availability. See
the @seclink["hardware"]{hardware chapter} for a description of the
cluster that it is running on today.}
clusters that are available so far.}
@item{We have only built a @bold{single cloud-specific
@seclink["profiles"]{profile}} so far, a small installation of
......@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ There are several caveats that go with this early version:
@italic{not} limited to OpenStack, nor to this profile; it is merely
provided as an example. There are several
@seclink["creating-profiles"]{existing methods} for users to create
custom profiles, and @seclink["planned"]{several more are planned},
notably, the ability to define profiles using a scripting language. See
custom profiles, and @seclink["planned"]{several more are planned}.
the sections of this manual on @seclink["profiles"]{profiles} and
@seclink["creating-profiles"]{creating profiles} for more details.}
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