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Add a short section on updating existing profiles

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......@@ -158,5 +158,29 @@ example, to give it to a collaborator to try out your work before publishing.
@subsection{Updating a profile}
@section{Creating a profile from scratch}
You can update the metadata associated with a profile at any time by going to
the ``My Profiles'' page and clicking on the name of the profile to go to the
profile page. On this page, you can edit any of the text fields (Description,
Instructions, etc.), change the permissions, etc.
@margin-note{As with cloning a profile, this snapshot feature currently only
works with single-node profiles.}
If you need to update the contents of the disk image in the profile, simply
create a new experiment from the profile. (You will only see this button on
experiments created from profiles that you own.) Once your experiment is ready,
you will see a ``Snapshot'' button on the experiment page. Log into your node,
get the disk changed the way you want, and click the button.
This button kicks off the same image creation process that occurs during
@seclink["cloning"]{cloning a profile}. Once it's finished, any new experiments
created from the profile will use the new image.
As with creating a new profile, we recommend testing the profile before letting
your experiment expire. If something goes wrong, we do keep one previous image
file for each profile; currently, the only way to get access to this backup
is to @seclink["contact"]{contact us}.
@section{Creating a profile from scratch}
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