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......@@ -116,6 +116,22 @@ add support for multi-node profiles in the future.
profile with others of your chosing.
@instructionstep["Click ``Create''" #:screenshot "image-creating.png"]{
When you click the ``Create'' button, your node will be rebooted,
so that we can take a consistent snapshot of the disk contents. This
process can take several minutes or longer, depending on the size
of your disk image. You can watch the progress on this page. When
the progress bar reaches the ``Ready'' stage, your new profile is
ready! It will now show up in your ``My Profiles'' list.}
@instructionstep["Test your profile"]{Before terminating your experiment
(or letting it expire), we strongly recommend testing out the profile. If
you elected to make it publicly visible, it will be listed in the profile
selection dialog on the front page of @url{}. If not,
you can instantiate it from the listing in your ``My Profiles'' page. If
the profile will be used by guest users, we recommend testing it as one
yourself: log out, and instantiate it using a different username (you will
also have to use an alternate email address.}
@subsection{Sharing a Profile}
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