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Start of hardware section for Powder.

Currently just describes the compute nodes and wired backbone.
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#lang scribble/manual
@(require "defs.rkt")
@title[#:tag "hardware" #:version apt-version]{Hardware}
@section[#:tag "powder-bs-hw"]{Base-station resources}.
@section[#:tag "powder-fe-hw"]{Fixed-endpoint resources}.
@section[#:tag "powder-ne-hw"]{Near-edge computing resources}.
The following resources are connected to the Powder base-stations via
100Gb links in an aggregation point at the Fort Douglas datacenter.
@(nodetype "d740" 16 "Skylake, 24 cores"
(list "CPU" "2 x Xeon Gold 6126 processors (12 cores, 2.6Ghz)")
(list "RAM" "192GB Memory (12 x 16GB RDIMMs, 2.67MT/s)")
(list "Disks" "2 x 240GB SATA 6Gbps SSD Drives")
(list "NIC" "10GbE Dual port embedded NIC (Intel X710)")
(list "NIC" "10GbE Dual port converged NIC (Intel X710)")
@(nodetype "d840" 3 "Skylake, 64 cores"
(list "CPU" "4 x Xeon Gold 6130 processors (16 cores, 2.1Ghz)")
(list "RAM" "768GB Memory (24 x 32GB RDIMMs, 2.67MT/s)")
(list "Disks" "240GB SATA 6Gbps SSD Drive")
(list "Disks" "4 x 1.6TB NVMe SSD Drive")
(list "NIC" "10GbE Dual port embedded NIC (Intel X710)")
(list "NIC" "40GbE Dual port converged NIC (Intel XL710)")
All nodes are connected to two networks:
@item{A 10 Gbps @italic{Ethernet} @bold{``control network''}---this network
is used for remote access, experiment management, etc., and is
connected to the public Internet. When you log in to nodes in your
experiment using @code{ssh}, this is the network you are using.
@italic{You should not use this network as part of the experiments you
run in Powder.}
@item{A 10/40 Gbps @italic{Ethernet} @bold{``experimental network''}.
Each @code{d740} node has two 10Gb interfaces, one connected to each
of two Dell S5248F-ON datacenter switches.
Each @code{d840} node has two 40Gb interfaces, both connected to the
switch which also hosts the corresponding mMIMO base station
The two S5248F-ON switches are connected to a third S5248F-ON "aggregation"
switch via 2 x 100GbE links each. All three switches host 10Gb connections
from the eight roof-top base-stations. The aggregation switch also hosts
100Gb uplinks to the MEB and DDC datacenters that contain further Powder
resources and uplinks to Emulab and CloudLab.
@section[#:tag "powder-cl-hw"]{Cloud computing resources}.
In addition,
@(tb) can allocate bare-metal computing resources on any one of several
federated clusters, including @link[""]{CloudLab}
and @link[""]{Emulab}.
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ The Powder facility is built on top of
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