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List clab Utah in Apt

Note, terrible hack, I duplicated the list so that I could put it
last in Apt. Need to revisit later and make it more elegant
parent b7ddf937
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
@; Reminder! This is duplicated below for Apt
@section[#:tag "cloudlab-utah"]{Utah/HP CloudLab Cluster}
The CloudLab cluster at the University of Utah is being built in partnership
......@@ -252,3 +253,43 @@ It has two network fabrics:
interfaces on this network, which is built from a single HP Procurve
5406 switch. OpenFlow is available on this network.}
@; Total hack, I don't want this cluster listed first for Apt
@section[#:tag "cloudlab-utah"]{Utah/HP CloudLab Cluster}
@margin-note{This cluster is part of
@link[""]{CloudLab}, but is also available to Apt
The CloudLab cluster at the University of Utah is being built in partnership
with HP. The first phase of this cluster consists of 315 64-bit ARM
servers with 8 cores each, for a total of 2,520 cores. The servers are
built on HP's Moonshot platform using X-GENE system-on-chip designs from
Applied Micro. The cluster is hosted in the University of Utah's Downtown
Data Center in Salt Lake City.
More technical details can be found at @url[(@apturl "hardware.php#utah")]
@(nodetype "m400" 315
(list "CPU" "Eight 64-bit ARMv8 (Atlas/A57) cores at 2.4 GHz (APM X-GENE)")
(list "RAM" "64GB ECC Memory (8x 8 GB DDR3-1600 SO-DIMMs)")
(list "Disk" "120 GB of flash (SATA3 / M.2, Micron M500)")
(list "NIC" "Dual-port Mellanox ConnectX-3 10 GB NIC (PCIe v3.0, 8 lanes")
There are 45 nodes in a chassis, and this cluster consists of seven
chassis. Each chassis has two 45XGc switches; each node is connected to
both switches, and each chassis switch has four 40Gbps uplinks, for a total
of 320Gbps of uplink capacity from each chassis. One switch is used for
control traffic, connecting to the Internet, etc. The other is used to
build experiment topologies, and should be used for most experimental
All chassis are interconnected through a large HP FlexFabric 12910 switch
which has full bisection bandwidth internally.
We have plans to enable some users to allocate entire chassis; when
allocated in this mode, it will be possible to have complete administrator
control over the switches in addition to the nodes.
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