Commit 4cb3f1fe authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Add OpenFlow support to planned features

parent dcddee6b
......@@ -111,3 +111,15 @@ experiment with a single node.
(This will only be offered on switches that are only used by a single
experiment at a time.)
@section[#:tag "openflow"]{OpenFlow support}
All switches in @(tb) will be OpenFlow-capable. In the case of
exclusive-access @seclink["bare-metal-switches"]{bare metal switches},
users will get direct and complte OpenFlow access to the switches. In the
case of shared switches, we are investigating the use of
@hyperlink[""]{FlowSpace Firewall}
from the @hyperlink[""]{GRNOC} and
@hyperlink[""]{Internet2} for virtualization.
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