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Update Clemson switch description

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@item{A 10 Gbps Ethernet @bold{``experiment network''}--each node has
@bold{one interface} on this network. Three Dell Force10 S6000
switches are used to implent it: two are used to connect nodes
directly, while the third is used as an aggregator connecting
the two leaf switches. Each S6000 has 32 40Gbps ports. On the
leaf switches, these are broken out as 96 10Gbps ports, plus
8 40 Gbps uplink ports. This gives a 3:1 blocking factor between
the two leaf switches.
@bold{one interface} on this network. This network is implemented
using three Force10 S6000 and three Force10 Z9100 switches. Each
S6000 switch is connected to a companion Z9100 switch via a 480Gbps
link aggregate.
@item{A 40 Gbps QDR Infiniband @bold{``experiment network''}--for
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