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Document geni-get (and a few of its common commands).

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......@@ -144,3 +144,44 @@ be useful.
@section[#:tag "tours"]{Tours}
@italic{This feature under development}
@section[#:tag "introspection"]{Introspection}
@(tb) implements @hyperlink[""]{the
GENI APIs}, and in particular
@hyperlink[""]{the @tt{geni-get}}
command. @tt{geni-get} is a generic means for nodes to query their own
configuration and metadata, and is pre-installed on all facility-provided
disk images. (If you are supplying your own disk image built from scratch,
you can add the @tt{geni-get} client from
While @tt{geni-get} supports many options, there are three commands most
useful in the @(tb) context:
@subsection[#:tag "geni-get-client-id"]{Client ID}
Invoking @tt{geni-get client_id} will print a single line to standard
output showing the identifier specified in the profile corresponding to
the node on which it is run. This is a particularly useful feature in
@seclink["geni-lib-example-os-install-scripts"]{execute services}, where
a script might want to vary its behaviour between different nodes.
@subsection[#:tag "geni-get-control_mac"]{Control MAC}
The command @tt{geni-get control_mac} will print the MAC address of
the control interface (as a string of 12 hexadecimal digits with no
other punctuation). In some circumstances this can be a useful means
to determine which interface is attached to the control network, as
OSes are not necessarily consistent in assigning identifiers to
network interfaces.
@subsection[#:tag "geni-get-manifest"]{Manifest}
To retrieve the @seclink["rspecs"]{manifest RSpec} for the instance,
you can use the command @tt{geni-get manifest}. It will print the
manifest to standard output, including any annotations added during
instantiation. For instance, this is an appropriate technique to use to
query the allocation for a @seclink["dynamic-public-ip"]{dynamic public
IP address pool}.
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