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Document the geni-get interface to geni-lib parameters.

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......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ you can add the @tt{geni-get} client from
While @tt{geni-get} supports many options, there are four commands most
While @tt{geni-get} supports many options, there are five commands most
useful in the @(tb) context.
@subsection[#:tag "geni-get-client-id"]{Client ID}
......@@ -199,3 +199,14 @@ Please note that the private key will be accessible to any user who
can invoke @tt{geni-get} from within the profile instance. Therefore, it
is NOT suitable for an authentication mechanism for privilege within
a multi-user instance!
@subsection[#:tag "geni-get-param"]{Profile parameters}
When executing within the context of a profile instantiated with
@seclink["geni-lib-example-parameters"]{user-specified parameters},
@tt{geni-get} allows the retrieval of any of those parameters. The
proper syntax is @tt{geni-get "param @italic{name}"}, where @tt{@italic{name}}
is the parameter name as specified in the @tt{geni-lib} script
@tt{defineParameter} call. For example, @tt{geni-get "param n"} would
retrieve the number of nodes in an instance of the profile shown in
the @seclink["geni-lib-example-parameters"]{@tt{geni-lib} parameter section}.
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