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@section[#:tag "register"]{Register for an Account}
To get an account on Apt, you either @seclink["joinproj"]{join an existing
project} or @seclink["newproj"]{create a new one}. In general, if you are
a student, you should join a project led by a faculty member with whom
you're working.
If you already have an account on
@hyperlink[""]{}, you don't need to sign
up for a new account on Apt---simply log in with your Emulab username and
@subsection[#:tag "joinproj"]{Join an existing project}
@TODO{Screen shot here}
To join an existing project, simply use the ``Sign Up'' button found on every
Apt page. The form will ask you a few basic questions about yourself and the
institution you're affiliated with.
An SSH public key is required; if you're
unfamiliar with creating and using ssh keypairs, we recommend taking a look
at the first few steps in
guide to generating SSH keys}. (Obviously, the steps about how to upload the
keypair into GitHub don't apply to Apt.)
You'll be asked to enter the project ID for the project you are asking to
join; you should get this from the leader of the project, likely your advisor
or your class instructor. (If they don't already have a project on Apt, you
can @seclink["newproj"]{ask them to create one}.) The leader of your project
is responsible for approving your account.
@margin-note{Apt will send you email to confirm your address---watch for it (it
might end up in your spam folder), as your request won't be processed until
you've confirmed your address.}
@subsection[#:tag "newproj"]{Create a new project}
@margin-note{You should only start a new project if you are a faculty member,
senior research staff, or in some other senior position. Students should ask
their advisor or course instructor to create a new project.}
To start a new project, use the ``Sign Up'' button found on every Apt page. In
addition to basic information about yourself, the form will ask you a few
questions about how you intend to use Apt. The application will be reviewed
by our staff, so please provide enough information for us to understand the
research or educational value of your project. The review process may take
a few days, and you will receive mail informing you of the outcome.
Every person working in your project needs to have @seclink["joinproj"]{their
own account}. You get to approve these additional users yourself (you will
receive email when anyone applies to join.) It is common, for example, for a
faculty member to create a project which is primarily used by his or her
students, who are the ones who run experiments. We still require that the
project leader be the faculty member, as we require that there is someone in a
position of authority we can contact if there are questions about the
activities of the project.
Note that projects in Apt are publicly-listed: a page that allows users to
see a list of all projects and search through them does not exist yet, but
it will in the future.
@subsection[#:tag "invite"]{Invite others to join your project}
@TODO{Write about this when the feature is finished}
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