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"""This profile demonstrates how to add some extra *local* disk space on your node. In general nodes have much more disk space then what you see with `df` when you log in. That extra space is in unallocated partitions or additional disk drives. An *ephemeral blockstore* is how you ask for some of that space to be allocated and mounted as a **temporary** filesystem (temporary means it will be lost when you terminate your experiment).

Log into your node, your **temporary** file system in mounted at `/mydata`.

# Import the Portal object.
import geni.portal as portal
# Import the ProtoGENI library.
import as rspec
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# Import the emulab extensions library.
import geni.rspec.emulab

# Create a portal context.
pc = portal.Context()

# Create a Request object to start building the RSpec.
request = pc.makeRequestRSpec()

# Allocate a node and ask for a 30GB file system mounted at /mydata
node = request.RawPC("node")
bs = node.Blockstore("bs", "/mydata")
bs.size = "30GB"

# Print the RSpec to the enclosing page.