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Initial text for phase 2 hardware.

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@section[#:tag "cloudlab-utah"]{CloudLab Utah}
The CloudLab cluster at the University of Utah is being built in partnership
with HP. The consists of 315 64-bit ARM servers and 270 Intel Xeon-D severs.
with HP. It consists of 315 64-bit ARM servers and 270 Intel Xeon-D severs.
Each has 8 cores, for a total of 4,680 cores. The servers are
built on HP's Moonshot platform.
The cluster is housed in the University of Utah's Downtown
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We have plans to enable some users to allocate entire chassis; when
allocated in this mode, it will be possible to have complete administrator
control over the switches in addition to the nodes.
In phase two we added 50 Apollo R2200 chassis each with four HPE ProLiant
XL170r server modules. Each server has 10 cores for a total of 2000 cores.
@(nodetype "xl170" 200 "Intel Broadwell, 10 core, 1 disk"
(list "CPU" "Ten-core Intel E5-2640v4 at 2.4 GHz")
(list "RAM" "64GB ECC Memory (4x 16 GB DDR4-2400 DIMMs)")
(list "Disk" "Intel DC S3520 480 GB 6G SATA SSD")
(list "NIC" "Two Dual-port Mellanox ConnectX-4 25 GB NIC (PCIe v3.0, 8 lanes")
Each server is connected via a 10Gbps control link and a 25Gbps experimental
link to leaf Dell and Mellanox switches in groups of 40 servers.
Each of the five groups' experimental switches are connected to a Mellanox
2700 spine switch at 5x100Gbps. That switch in turn interconnects with the
rest of the Utah CloudLab cluster via 6x40Gbps uplinks to the HP FlexFabric
12910 switch.
A unique feature of the phase two nodes is the addition of eight ONIE
bootable "user allocatable" switches that can run a variety of Open Network
OSes. These switches and all 200 nodes are connected to two NetScout 3903
layer-1 switches, allowing flexible combinations of nodes and switches
in an experiment.
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