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the @seclink["preview-notes"]{"Preview Notes"} chapter of this document
for notes regarding this preview version.}
CloudLab provides researchers with control and visibility all the way down to
the bare metal. Provisioning an entire cloud inside of CloudLab takes only
minutes. Most CloudLab resources provide hard isolation from other users, so it
can support hundreds of simultaneous "slices", with each getting an
artifact-free environment suitable for scientific experimentation with new
cloud architectures. Run standard cloud software stacks such as OpenStack and
Hadoop. Or, build your own from the ground up.
The first CloudLab clusters will have 15,000 cores distributed across three
sites around the United States: Utah, Wisconsin, and South Carolina. Each
cluster has a different focus: storage and networking (using hardware from
Cisco), high-memory computing (Dell), and energy-efficient computing (HP).
CloudLab is interconnected with nationwide and international infrastructure
from Internet2, so it will be possible to extend private, software-defined
networks right to every host.
CloudLab will interoperate with existing testbeds including
@hyperlink[""]{GENI} and
@hyperlink[""]{Emulab}, so you can take advantage of
CloudLab is a "meta-cloud"---that is, it is not a cloud itself; rather, it is a
facility for building clouds. It provides bare-metal access and control over
a substantial set of computing, storage, and networking resources; on top of
this platform, users can install standard cloud software stacks, modify them,
or create entirely new ones.
The initial CloudLab deployment will consist of approximately 15,000 cores
distributed across three sites at the University of Wisconsin, Clemson
University, and the University of Utah. CloudLab will interoperate with
existing testbeds including @hyperlink[""]{GENI} and
@hyperlink[""]{Emulab}, to take advantage of
hardware at dozens of sites around the world.
The control software for CloudLab is
@hyperlink[""]{open source}, and is built
on the foundation established for @hyperlink[""]{Emulab},
@hyperlink[""]{GENI}, and
@hyperlink[""]{Apt}. Pointers to the details of this
control system can be found on CloudLab's @hyperlink[(apturl
"/technology.php")]{technology page}.
Take a look at the @seclink["preview-notes"]{preview notes}, and then
@seclink["getting-started"]{get started}!
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