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Remove the 'easier profile creation' section

Wow, that was old, we didn't even have the GUI working when I wrote it
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......@@ -186,8 +186,6 @@ When copying a profile, remember that the disk images of a currently running exp
@subsection[#:tag "updating-profiles"]{Updating a profile}
You can update the metadata associated with a profile at any time by going to
the ``My Profiles'' page and clicking on the name of the profile to go to the
profile page. On this page, you can edit any of the text fields (Description,
......@@ -312,8 +310,6 @@ papers or course assignments, for example.
@section[#:tag "creating-from-scratch"]{Creating a profile from scratch}
@(tb) profiles are described by
RSpecs}. You can create a profile directly from an RSpec by using the
......@@ -40,25 +40,6 @@ servers that others may be accessing at the same time. Therefore, for
experiments whose @seclink["repeatable-research"]{repeatability} depends on
I/O performance, all data should be copied to local disk before use.
@section[#:tag "planned-easier-profiles"]{Easier From-Scratch Profile Creation}
Currently, there are two ways to create profiles in @(tb):
@seclink["creating-from-existing"]{cloning an existing profile} or creating one
from scratch by @seclink["creating-from-scratch"]{writing an RSpec by hand}.
We plan to add two more: a GUI for RSpec creation, and bindings to a programming
language for generation of RSpecs.
The GUI will be based on Jacks, an embeddable RSpec editor currently in
development for the GENI project. Jacks is already used in @(tb) to display
topologies in the profile selection dialog and on the experiment page.
The programming language bindings will allow users to write programs in an
existing, popular language (likely Python) to create RSpecs. This will allow
users to use loops, conditionals, and other programming language constructs to
create large, complicated RSpecs. We are evaluating
@hyperlink[""]{@code{geni-lib}} for
this purpose.
@section[#:tag "planned-quick-profiles"]{``Quick'' Profiles}
Sometimes, you just need one node running a particular
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