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......@@ -155,14 +155,14 @@ In either case you will be presented with a list of ``Classic Emulab
On the right hand side of the Name column, there will be an arrow icon:
@centered{@bold{Screenshot goes here.}}
Clicking on this icon will start the conversion process for that experiment.
The process will take anywhere from seconds to a minute or more depending
on the complexity of the experiment description.
After conversion, you will see:
@centered{@bold{Screenshot goes here.}}
Typically, all you would do at this point is to click ``Create.''
You may want or need to change the profile name if you don't like the default
......@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ representation, the latter fires up the embedded @seclink["jacks"]{Jacks} GUI.
Once created, you will be taken to a new page:
@centered{@bold{Screenshot goes here.}}
showing details about the new profile (on the left) and allowing you
to further edit the profile, copy or delete it.
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ On the bottom right is a button to ``Instantiate'' the profile---the
equivalent of ``swapping in'' an experiment in the classic interface.
This takes you to the third and final step of the instantiation wizard:
@centered{@bold{Screenshot goes here.}}
where you can optionally name this instance and then click ``Finish.''
Once instantiated the state should change to ``ready'' and you will be
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