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@title[#:tag "users" #:version apt-version]{@(tb) Users}
You may either use @(tb) as a @seclink["guest-users"]{guest} or as a
@seclink["registered-users"]{registered user}.
Using @(tb) as a guest is a great way to give it a try; if you find it
useful and want to start using it for ``real work,'' you should
@seclink["register"]{sign up for a (free) account}, because a guest account
(1) won't let you hold your experiments for very long and (2) only allows
you to use @seclink["virtual-machines"]{virtual machines}, which are not
ideal for @seclink["repeatable-research"]{reproducing results}, since they
don't have strong performance isolation from other users.
@section[#:tag "guest-users"]{Guest Users}
You may become a guest user simply by entering your email address on
@(tb)'s @hyperlink[(apturl "instantiate.php")]{``Instantiate an
Experiment''} page and picking a username. @(tb) will send you an email
with a verification code - be sure to check your spam folder if you don't
receive it within a few minutes.
You'll remain logged in to @(tb) as long as you use the same browser and it
retains its cookies. If you get logged out for any reason, simply enter the
same email address and username again, and you'll be sent a new
verification code.
Guest users are limited in several ways:
@item{Guests are only allowed to hold experiments for a short period of
time---a few hours to start with, and they can extend this up to a day}
@item{Access to some resources (such as bare metal and large VMs) is not
allowed, meaning that some profiles which require these things are not
@item{Experiments held by guest user are very heavily firewalled---no
outgoing connections are allowed, and almost all incoming traffic is
@item{Guest users are only allowed to have one active experiment at a time}
@item{Guest users may not create profiles}
If you are going to use @(tb) for much serious work, we encourage you to
@seclink["register"]{register for an account}.
@section[#:tag "registered-users"]{Registered Users}
Registering for an account is @seclink["register"]{quick and easy}. Registering
doesn't cost anything, it's simply for accountability. We just ask that if
you're going to use @(tb) for anything other than light use, you tell us a bit
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