Commit bcd94246 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Emulab-only hook at the beginning to point people to "transition" section.

parent 9ac0a509
......@@ -4,6 +4,15 @@
@title[#:tag "getting-started" #:version apt-version]{Getting Started}
@bold{Note:} if you are a current user of Emulab and are accustomed to the
@italic{classic} Emulab interface (@url[""]),
you may first want to read the @seclink["emulab-transition"]{Emulab transition}
section that discusses differences between that interface and this new
CloudLab-based interface and how to convert your current Emulab experiments
for use via the new interface.
This chapter will walk you through a simple experiment on @(tb) and
introduce you to some of its @seclink["basic-concepts"]{basic concepts}.
......@@ -202,6 +211,10 @@ Start by pointing your browser at @url[(apturl)].
@item{Making your own profiles is easy: see the
@seclink["creating-profiles"]{chapter on profile creation} for instructions.}
@elab-only{@item{If you want to run an existing Emulab experiment: see the
@seclink["emulab-transition"]{chapter on transitioning from the Emulab Classic
interface} for instructions.}}
@item{If you need help, or have questions or comments about @(tb)'s features,
@seclink["getting-help"]{contact us}!}
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