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Remove more stuff that's been done for a long time

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......@@ -70,46 +70,3 @@ allocated, including the specifics of network topology. Currently, @(tb) does
not directly export this information to the user. In the interest of improving
transparency and @seclink["repeatable-research"]{repeatable research}, @(tb)
will develop interfaces to expose, explore, and export this information.
@section[#:tag "planned-bare-metal-switches"]{Bare-metal Access to Switches}
Today, switches in @(tb) are treated as infrastructure; that is, they
are under @(tb)'s control and, while we provide a high degree of
transparency, we do not let users control them directly. We plan to
make at least some switches---in most cases, ToRs, and in others,
spine and/or core---directly accessible to users. This means that
users will have console access to the switches, and will be able to
reconfigure them and/or load different versions of firmware on them.
(This will only be offered on switches that are only used by a single
experiment at a time.)
@section[#:tag "planned-openflow"]{OpenFlow Support}
All switches in @(tb) will be OpenFlow-capable. In the case of
exclusive-access @seclink["planned-bare-metal-switches"]{bare metal
switches}, users will get direct and complete OpenFlow access to the
switches. In the case of shared switches, we are investigating the use of
@hyperlink[""]{FlowSpace Firewall}
from the @hyperlink[""]{GRNOC} and
@hyperlink[""]{Internet2} for virtualization.
@section[#:tag "planned-switch-monitoring"]{Switch Monitoring}
We plan to export many of the monitoring features available in
@(tb)'s infrastructure switches---port counters, queue lengths, etc.
@section[#:tag "planned-power-monitoring"]{Power Monitoring}
Some of the equipment in @(tb) will have the ability to take fine-grained
measurements of power usage and other environmental sensors (such as
temperature). @(tb) will provide both logged and real-time access to this
data for experimenters.
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