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More stuff.

Mention no support for asymmetric link shaping.
Point out that conversion is not a source-to-source translation.
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......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ descriptions into geni-lib based profiles.
In addition to the hardware and software resources required by an experiment,
a profile also contains various metadata.
The Description and Instructions fields permit you to provide additional
information to the instantiator of an experiment.
information to the user of a profile.
These fields support @seclink["markdown"]{Markdown} formatting allowing more
expressive text.
Classic experiments allow only a short, ASCII-only description.
......@@ -183,15 +183,41 @@ These include:
current equivalent to starting an experiment when resources become
available and then automatically terminating it when done.
@bold{Asymmetric Link Shaping.}
The classic interface supports the ability to shape a link with
different characteristic (BW, latency, loss) in each direction.
The portal interface only allows specification of one set of
characteristics that apply in both directions.
@section[#:tag "emulab-conversion"]{Converting an Emulab experiment to a Profile}
@bold{Note:} if you have no classic Emulab experiments (swapped in or swapped out)
then you can skip this section and return to the
@seclink["getting-started"]{getting started} section.
The following assumes you have an existing experiment created via the classic
As a convenience to users, we provide a mechanism to convert NS-based
experiments into geni-lib profiles.
If you have no classic Emulab experiments (swapped in or swapped out)
then you can skip this section and return to the
@seclink["getting-started"]{getting started} section.
Before walking through an example conversion, there are a couple of
things to be aware of:
The converter does not support all Emulab NS extensions, only those
most commonly used by users.
The conversion process is @italic{not} a source-to-source translation,
rather it works by interpreting the NS script to generate state for
the Emulab DB and then generating the geni-lib script from that state.
From a practical standpoint, what this means is that if you use TCL
loops, conditionals or variables in your original description, those
will not appear in the resulting geni-lib script--loops will be unrolled,
conditionals evaluated, and variables bound to fix values.
When you login to the new portal interface at @url[(apturl)], you will be
taken to your @italic{dashboard} on which there are a number of tabs.
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