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I think I am done for awhile.
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......@@ -155,18 +155,34 @@ See the section on @seclink["reservations"]{reservations} for details.
@section[#:tag "emulab-missing-features"]{Classic Features Not Currently Supported in the Portal}
A number of Emulab features are not currently supported via the portal
A number of prominent Emulab features are not currently supported via the
portal interface.
These include:
@item{Traffic Generation.}
@item{Control Network Firewalls.}
@item{Batch Experiments.}
@item{Modifying a Live Experiment.}
The Emulab @link[""]{event system}
is not currently exposed through the portal interface.
Specifically, you cannot schedule events from a profile.
There is also no access to the program agent, traffic generator, or
dynamic traffic shaping as those all use events to control execution.
@bold{Modifying a Live Experiment.}
The classic interface allows you to modify the description (e.g.,
network topology or node OSes) of a running experiment.
This is not supported under the portal interface.
@bold{Batch Experiments.}
Automated execution of experiments via the
@link[""]{batch system}
is not supported.
Portal experiments can include ``startup services,'' but there is no
current equivalent to starting an experiment when resources become
available and then automatically terminating it when done.
@section[#:tag "emulab-conversion"]{Converting an Emulab experiment to a Profile}
......@@ -183,6 +199,11 @@ If you have any swapped in experiments you will start on the ``Experiments''
tab, otherwise you will be on the ``Profiles'' tab.
In either case you will be presented with a list of ``Classic Emulab
On the ``Profiles'' tab, the list of classic experiments will show only
those that are swapped out.
On the ``Experiments'' tab, it will show only those that are swapped in.
On the right hand side of the Name column, there will be an arrow icon:
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