Commit 4c389459 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Remove unused example

parent 89f08427
import geni.portal as portal
import as RSpec
# The legal types of nodes - note that the first string in each pair is the
# string that will get put in the RSpec, and the second is the one that will
# get shown to the user. If there is no need to show the user a different string,
# each element of the array can be a simple string rather than a tuple.
hw_types = [("m400", "ARM64"), ("dl360", "x86-64")]
pc = portal.Context()
# Define parameters - see this page for API documentation for the
# defineParameter() call:
pc.defineParameter("N", "Number of nodes",
portal.ParameterType.INTEGER, 5)
pc.defineParameter("hwtype", "Hardware type",
portal.ParameterType.NODETYPE, "m400", hw_types)
pc.defineParameter("lan", "Put all nodes in a LAN",
portal.ParameterType.BOOLEAN, False)
# Get values for the parameters - since a default is required by defineParameter,
# the params object is guaranteed to contain a vale for every parameter
params = pc.bindParameters()
rspec = RSpec.Request()
# Create a LAN iff one was requested
if (params.lan):
lan = RSpec.LAN()
# Loop through the number of nodes requested, settting up each and adding it
# to the RSpec
for i in range(1, params.N+1):
node = RSpec.RawPC("node%d" % i)
node.hardware_type = params.hwtype
# Only create an interface if we are putting all nodes into a LAN
if params.lan:
iface = node.addInterface("eth0")
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