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......@@ -124,7 +124,13 @@ it's confusing to see a screenshot from one in the manual for the other. **If yo
add a new screenshot, make sure to include versions for both testbeds.** See more
on taking screenshots below.
The `code-samples/` directory is used for documentation of `geni-lib` scripts.
The `code-samples/` directory is used for documentation of `geni-lib` scripts. The
`fetch-profile-code <project> <profile>` can be used to download the code currently
associated with the named profile. Note that you must check files downloaded this
way into `git`; they are not automatically fetched when the documents are built.
`make update-examples` updates the code for all samples found in the
`code-samples/profiles` directory and displays the diffs, if any. Updates must be
committed manually.
There are testbed-specific `.css` files for the HTML output of each of the two
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