Commit 1b3d704a authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Change order of output from @instructionstep

Now, the screenshot comes after the text, which seems to work better
in most cases.

Fixed up the few existing cases where this would not have worked well
by making the @screenshots explicit.
parent 61cdb9a0
......@@ -369,12 +369,13 @@ command line interfaces or other APIs as well.}
web interface.
@instructionstep["Set Basic Settings For the Instance"
#:screenshot "tutorial/os-launch-basic.png"]{
@instructionstep["Set Basic Settings For the Instance"]{
There a few settings you will need to make in order to launch your
Pick whatever ``Instance Name'' you wish
Set the ``Flavor'' to m1.small (the disk for the
......@@ -421,8 +422,10 @@ command line interfaces or other APIs as well.}
instances page to show up as ``Active''.
@instructionstep["Add a Public IP Address"
#:screenshot "tutorial/os-launch-associate.png"]{
@instructionstep["Add a Public IP Address"]{
At this point, your instance is up, but there is no network connection
to log into it. From the menu on the right, select ``Associate Floating
IP''. On the following screen, you will need to:
......@@ -95,12 +95,13 @@ add support for multi-node profiles in the future.
your running experiment.
@instructionstep["Fill out information for the new profile"
#:screenshot "create-profile-form.png" ]{
@instructionstep["Fill out information for the new profile"]{
After clicking on the ``clone'' button, you will see a form that
allows you to view and edit the basic information associated with your
Each profile must be associated with a @seclink["projects"]{project}. If
you're a member of more than one project, you'll need to select which one
you want the profile to belong to.
......@@ -102,10 +102,10 @@
(define (instructionstep step #:screenshot [screenshot-path #f] . body)
(item (bold (decode-content (list step)))
(decode-flow body)
(if screenshot-path
(screenshot screenshot-path)
(decode-flow body)))
(define (under-construction)
(bold "This section is under construction"))
......@@ -105,11 +105,12 @@ Start by pointing your browser at @url[(apturl)].
Watch your email and enter the code into @(tb) when prompted. (If it
doesn't arrive in a few minutes, check your spam folder!)"}
@instructionstep["Use your experiment"
#:screenshot "node-list.png"]{
@instructionstep["Use your experiment"]{
When your experiment is ready to use, the progress bar will be complete, and
you'll be given a lot of new options at the bottom of the screen.
The ``Topology View'' shows the network topology of your experiment
(which may be as simple as a single node). Clicking on a node in this
view brings up a terminal in your browser that gives you a shell on the node.
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