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Mark most of the Advanced Topics chapter as under construction

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Write up how to use SSH, SCP, SFTP, make keypairs, etc. Write up how to use SSH, SCP, SFTP, make keypairs, etc.
Write about inviting people to join
Lots of stuff in Advanced Topics
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@section[#:tag "disk-images"]{Disk Images} @section[#:tag "disk-images"]{Disk Images}
@section[#:tag "rspecs"]{RSpecs} @section[#:tag "rspecs"]{RSpecs}
The resources (nodes, links, etc.) that define a profile are expressed in the
format from the GENI project. In general, RSpec should be thought of as a
sort of ``assembly language''---something it's best not to edit yourself, but
as manipulate with other tools or create as a ``compiled'' target from a
higher-level language.
That said, the tools for manipulating RSpecs are still incomplete. (For a
preview of Apt's plans in this regard, see our section on
@seclink["planned-easier-profiles"]{planned profile creation features}.) So,
there are still some cases in which it is unfortunately useful to look at or
manipulate RSpecs directly.
@italic{Still to come: documentation of Apt's extensions to the RSpec format.}
@section[#:tag "public-ip-access"]{Public IP Access} @section[#:tag "public-ip-access"]{Public IP Access}
@section[#:tag "markdown"]{Markdown} @section[#:tag "markdown"]{Markdown}
Apt supports Apt supports
...@@ -32,3 +53,5 @@ You will probably find the ...@@ -32,3 +53,5 @@ You will probably find the
be useful. be useful.
@section[#:tag "tours"]{Tours} @section[#:tag "tours"]{Tours}
@italic{This feature under development}
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