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    Add systemd sigrtmin3/container compat to runit; customize pkg versions. · 763c8ead
    David Johnson authored
    systemd has a behavior that is very nice for containers.  If you send it
    SIGRTMIN+3 (37 on some Linux systems), it will halt the machine (see
    Further, if the env var "container" is set, systemd will actually exit.
    9001-systemd-sigrtmin3-compat.diff adds this functionality to runit.
    Prior to this, runit would of course just sit and spin after entering
    stage 3 (its halt/shutdown/reboot target).  Now if the env var
    "container" is set, runit will exit.  Plus runit can be signaled by
    Docker (or whatever container manager) to shutdown immediately via
    (Also, this commit adds the custom "emulab" bit into the package version
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