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    • David Johnson's avatar
      Fall back to regular yacc if byacc doesn't exist. · eeab2acf
      David Johnson authored
      (In the case I care about, it is really byacc, but the packager only
      installs a yacc binary, not byacc, AFAIK.  Sad.  Still, I doubt that
      pubsub needs any of the byacc-specific features, so this should be
    • David Johnson's avatar
      Make ssl-enabled build optional. · fe3200a4
      David Johnson authored
      Nothing changes for a simple ./configure && make; if ssl is "detected"
      in Makefile, we attempt the ssl-enabled build; else, no.  But now if you
      pass --disable-ssl to configure, we won't try to detect or build ssl.
      This is necessary because the current version of ssl.c won't build on
      Linux machines as of 50529e75 and its use of SO_NOSIGPIPE; Linux doesn't
      support SO_NOSIGPIPE.  I guess we've been lucky so far and none of the
      Linux clients we've built on have /usr/lib/libssl.a (which the Makefile
      detects to enable ssl builds).  However, now I'm starting to run into it
      in a couple places.
      (To make ssl-enabled builds on Linux possible, and still use the
      MSG_NOSIGNAL fix instead of SO_NOSIGPIPE to prevent SIGPIPE, we actually
      have to write a small, custom BIO for libssl, that implements custom
      versions of bio_write/bio_read (et al) that call send() with the
      MSG_NOSIGNAL flag, like Mike's stopsigpipe() function in pubsubd.c
      "uses" (and is actually used in network.c).  libssl doesn't provide a
      socket bio/MSG_NOSIGNAL; doh?  But since we don't really care about ssl
      builds on Linux right now, and switching to a custom bio would require a
      ton of testing, just do this workaround for now).
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    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Lint pass. · 825b3c9e
      Mike Hibler authored
      Get rid of all current compiler warnings. Includes a truly ugly CPP macro
      to get around a type-punned pointer warning.