1. 22 Jul, 2019 4 commits
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      Dockerfile.windows: trim .0 from Go versions · c5bd6e3d
      Sebastiaan van Stijn authored
      This was an oversight when changing the Dockerfile to use a build-arg;
      the Windows Dockerfile downloads the Go binaries, which never have a
      trailing `.0`.
      This patch makes sure that the trailing zero (if any) is removed.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSebastiaan van Stijn <github@gone.nl>
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      Pin Dockerfile to -stretch variant · ed672bb5
      Sebastiaan van Stijn authored
      The Golang base images switch to buster, which causes some breakage
      in networking and packages that are no  longer available; (`btrfs-tools`
      is now an empty package, and `libprotobuf-c0-dev` is gone).
      Some of out tests also start faiilng on stretch, and will have to be
      investigated further;
      15:13:06 --- FAIL: TestRenameAnonymousContainer (3.37s)
      15:13:06     rename_test.go:168: assertion failed: 0 (int) != 1 (inspect.State.ExitCode int): container a7fe866d588d65f353f42ffc5ea5288e52700384e1d90850e9c3d4dce8657666 exited with the wrong exitcode:
      15:13:38 --- FAIL: TestHostnameDnsResolution (2.23s)
      15:13:38     run_linux_test.go:128: assertion failed:
      15:13:38         --- ←
      15:13:38         +++ →
      15:13:38         @@ -1 +1,2 @@
      15:13:38         +ping: bad address 'foobar'
      15:13:38     run_linux_test.go:129: assertion failed: 0 (int) != 1 (res.ExitCode int)
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSebastiaan van Stijn <github@gone.nl>
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      Windows: fix Golang version checks for GO_VERSION build-arg · 4fa57a81
      Sebastiaan van Stijn authored
      This check was used to make sure we don't bump Go versions independently
      (Linux/Windows). The Dockerfile switched to using a build-arg to allow
      overriding the Go version, which rendered this check non-functional.
      It also fails if Linux versions use a specific variant of the image;
      08:41:31 ERROR: Failed 'ERROR: Mismatched GO versions between Dockerfile and Dockerfile.windows. Update your PR to ensure that both files are updated and in sync. ${GO_VERSION}-stretch ${GO_VERSION}' at 07/20/2019 08:41:31
      08:41:31 At C:\gopath\src\github.com\docker\docker\hack\ci\windows.ps1:448 char:9
      08:41:31 +         Throw "ERROR: Mismatched GO versions between Dockerfile and D ...
      08:41:31 +         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      This patch fixes the check by looking for the value of `GO_VERSION` instead
      of looking at the `FROM` line (which is harder to parse).
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSebastiaan van Stijn <github@gone.nl>
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