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    Timothy Stack authored
    Fix some robot related stuff that I broke with the last checkin and add in
    some other tweaks.
    	* robots/primotion/garcia-pilot.cc,
    	robots/primotion/pilotClient.hh, robots/primotion/pilotClient.cc:
    	Broadcast any goto/stop commands to clients observing the robot.
    	* robots/rmcd/rmcd.c: Change the behavior to reorient the robot as
    	the last step in a goto, so we avoid doing unnecessary pivots.
    	Need to send an init packet to the robot so it knows who is
    	talking to it.
    	* robots/vmcd/vmc-client.c: Oops, supposed to use M_PI_2, not
    	M_PI, when translating from camera coords to world.
    	* www/telemetry.php3: Make the size of the applet a little bigger.
    	* www/garcia-telemetry/GarciaTelemetry.java,
    	www/garcia-telemetry/main.xml: Display a log of goto/stop commands
    	sent to the robot.
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