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    Well, here it is: The new slothd and sdcollectd stuff. · a337f7b9
    Kirk Webb authored
    Several things have changed; here is an outline:
     - "Thresholds" added to slothd
    	These are checked at each iteration against current idle data
            to determine whether or not to set bits in the "active" vector.
    	- LAST_TTY_ACT (now) > LAST_TTY_ACT (previous)
            - LOAD > <provided value>
            - EXPER_PKT_COUNT(now) - EXPER_PKT_COUNT(prev) > <provided value>
    	- CNTRL_PKT_COUNT(now) - CNTRL_PKT_COUNT(prev) > <provided value>
    	- Values passed in via command line: do ./slothd -h for help
     - "Aggressive" mode added to slothd
    	When a regular interval's worth of time has passed, and no activity
            has been noted, slothd goes into "aggressive" mode.  In this mode,
    	slothd changes its sleep interval, checking for activity much more
    	frequently (still reporting every <reg_interval>) until activity
    	is noted.  This is based on the threshold logic above.  When activity
    	is seen, slothd sends a report, and goes back to "regular" reporting.
    	- params passed via command line for regular, and aggressive intervals.
     - sdcollectd updates data in new "node_activity" table
    	- Updates timestamps based on activity bits in received slothd packets
    	- No new rows are added.
     - Option added to sdcollectd to insert into "old" node_idlestats and
    	iface_counters tables
       	- This is not the default (-o)
     - New sdcollectd still accepts old client reports
    	- but does not update the node_activity table with them.
     - Misc.
    	- Code cleanup
    	- Scan "active terminals only" option & code removed from slothd
    	- Always send report immediately on startup (no more option)
    	- Randomize time of second report to mitigate synchronization
    	- Send report on shutdown (receipt of INT, TERM, or QUIT)
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