1. 18 Mar, 2013 3 commits
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      Checkpoint. Almost there... · c648c2d4
      Kirk Webb authored
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      Add a dump function for all ranges, fix up comments, rename. · ddefb2d6
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      Bit of cleanup as well.
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      Implementation of an IP address buddy allocator. · c9724d35
      Kirk Webb authored
      I took a longer fork in the road on the way to solving the subnet collision
      issue here, but this thing is pretty cool.  It will try to pack in the
      reservations as tightly as it can, allows embedding existing reservations,
      supports arbitrary range prefixes, and isn't
      bothered by fragmentation (which will happen as reservations
      come and go).  It also halts and complains about collisions while embedding
      existing reservations in its tree, so can act as a consistency checker.
      I'm sure this is kindergarten compared to ipassign, but it will do fine
      until ipassign is up to the task.
      Note: I have not checked in my testing script.